Thoughts on Thursdays

Here’s what guest blogger Betsy Black had to say about our July 29th Thursday event, Eat Well Be Well:

Pop-cycle bike

Pop-cycle: popsicles sold from the back of a two-person tricycle!

View of the milk shed through cornstalks

July 29th found me munching on artisanal chocolate (yum!) and learning about the five flavors, — including umami, the savory taste — from Slow Food Vermont. Representing the Intervale Center’s partner the Cooperative Fund of New England, I had a great time wandering around on the beautiful night, talking with people about chocolate, recycling, gardening, coops and community. The Coop Fund is glad to support the Intervale as a lender at several junctures over the years. The spirit of community and cooperation is alive and well at the Intervale’s Thursday evening event. Can’t wait to return.

Betsy Black, New England Cooperative Fund

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